Baby Congestion: How to Make Feeding Easier

A snuffly baby might find feeding a little harder as it’s more difficult for them to breathe through their nose, or because their throat might be sore. This can be worrying for a parent, as feeding time is so important, but thankfully there are a number of things you can do to get your baby back on track and feeding healthily.

Nasal Drops

One fantastic solution is a nasal spray or nasal drops just before feeding time. For a newborn (3 months and below), 1 or 2 drops of Snufflebabe Nasal Drops should help clean and clear any mucky airways. Or for infants, a great solution would be 1 or 3 sprays of the Snufflebabe Nasal Spray.

The best time to give your baby these gentle saline solutions is when they’re relaxed, to minimise squirm-time. Try doing it after a warm, steamy bath (which will also help with their sniffles) and you’ll find they’re a lot calmer. When using the nasal drops, it’s easier if you lay your baby down, gently turn their head to the side (maybe rest their head slightly back on a pillow) and carefully drop the solution into their nose. Be careful not to put the nozzle too deep, and be sure not to scratch the inside of their nose – aim for the fleshy outer bit of each nostril. Check the instructions if you need any extra help.

If you’re using a spray, try popping the nozzle into one nostril and press the other one closed, spray the solution and if possible depending on age, ask your child to breathe in at the same time. Then repeat on the other nostril. And don’t worry about any extra spray getting anywhere, it’s all very gentle and won’t cause any harm. 

Nasal Aspirators

If the drops don’t clear everything, you can move onto the Snufflebabe Nasal Aspirator. Before feeding, place the nozzle (give it a clean first) by the opening of the nostril and give the mouthpiece a suck inwards. It’s easy to vary the pressure depending on how comfortable your baby is feeling, but make sure you never blow. The way the aspirator is designed means that everything will be sucked back and collected into a sealed container, without any danger of it heading in your direction. Simply clean it out using warm water and you’re ready for next time. Nice and easy.

Vapour Rubs

To help with general congestion which can prepare for feeding time the next day, you could also massage a bit of Snufflebabe Vapour Rub onto your baby’s upper chest and throat. Or even put some on a tissue or cloth and leave it nearby (out of reach) for help throughout the night.

Snufflebabe® Vapour Rub is a topical ointment to relieve nasal congestion. Suitable from 3months. Contains Eucalyptus oil 2.0%, Menthol 1.5% and Thyme oil 0.5%. Always read the label.

Let your baby guide you

All the above things should help feeding time feel more comfortable for both of you. But during this time, make sure to take things easy and let your child guide you on how long or often they feed for. Go with their pace and let them take breaks while also checking their nappies to make sure they’re not showing signs of dehydration. 

It’s normal to be worried when your baby’s unwell, so always remember your doctor or health visitor is there to help, and can always point you in the right direction. 

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