Nasal Aspirator

Nasal Aspirator

With protective reusable filter
any time
  • Suitable from birth
  • Safe and worry free. Paediatrician approved
  • Hygienic and reusable
  • Award winning certified medical device*

This Nasal Aspirator provides instant relief from nasal congestion. The award-winning medical device that allows you to physically clear mucus from your baby’s nose using a hygienic suction method. Plus, it includes a clever filter that prevents any gunk from ever finding its way to your mouth.

This clever device offers instant relief from nasal congestion and helps to prevent further complications like ear infections, coughs and stomach upsets. It is paediatrician approved and is so effective, it’s also available on prescription.

Snufflebabe’s Nasal Aspirator is suitable for use from birth and has been paediatrician approved. It’s completely clean and hygienic. The special filter attached means you can never suck back the mucus. It’s also very comfortable for your little one – you never have to put the nozzle directly into your baby’s nose; just near the nostrils.

You are free to use this product as and when needed. If you notice your little one is experiencing congestive symptoms, perhaps use on a nightly basis to clear symptoms as soon as possible. Always check the label or seek the advice of a pharmacist or doctor if unsure.

*Queen’s Award for Outstanding Innovation issued in 2008

Always read the label

What is it good for?

  • Available with 1 or 2 filters that can be washed and reused
  • Mucus collects in sealed chamber
  • Nozzle goes at the opening of nostril

How does it work?

Step 1 of 6

Wash well before first use

Step 2 of 6

Loosen mucus using Snufflebabe Nasal Drops or Nasal Spray (optional)

Step 3 of 6

Put the nozzle at the opening of baby's nostril (but not inside the nose)

Step 4 of 6

Suck through the mouthpiece. You can vary the pressure and it's not possible to over-suck (never blow, though).

Step 5 of 6

The mucus collects hygienically in the sealed chamber.

Step 6 of 6

Wash in warm water and it’s ready to use again. Put it away in the handy storage case ready for next time.

Nasal Aspirator works well with

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Gentle saline drops for instant, natural relief from a stuffy nose.

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Nasal Spray

Gentle saline in a handy spray that clears your baby’s nose naturally.

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At what age can I introduce the Snufflebabe Nasal Aspirator?

The great news is you can use it with confidence from birth, safe in the knowledge that it has been recommended – and can even be prescribed – by doctors.

When is the best time to use it?

It’s particularly handy before a feed or before bedtime, but anytime your baby has a snotty nose is good! If the mucus is very dry, try moistening it with a saline solution, like Snufflebabe Nasal Drops or Nasal Spray.

I’m scared some of my baby’s mucus will end up in my mouth! Is this likely to happen?

Don’t worry, this isn’t the case. The unique re-usable filter means there is no way any mucus can transfer from your baby’s nose to you. It’s all held in the aspirator’s chamber, which can be easily cleaned out and washed along with the filter before you put it back together for next time.

How far do I put the end of the Nasal Aspirator into my baby’s nose?

You don’t put it in at all, that’s the beauty of it and one of the reasons your baby shouldn’t mind you using it. Just put it under each nostril in turn and suck. You control the suction, and it’s not possible to over-suck (never blow, though).

Do I have to sterilise the Nasal Aspirator?

There’s no need as it’s non-invasive (i.e. you don’t need to put it inside your baby’s nose). Just wash in warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly.

Can my baby use other products from the Snufflebabe range at the same time as using the Nasal Aspirator?

Don’t use Snufflebabe Vapour Rub if your baby is allergic to any of the ingredients or if your baby is under 3 months, unless advised by a GP, pharmacist or health visitor