The 5 Step Bedtime Routine for your Congested Baby

Getting your baby to sleep can be overwhelming when they’ve got a blocked nose. You’ll be able to sympathise – you know from experience that sleeping is tough when you’re bunged-up.

Thankfully, there are ways to make everything run a little more smoothly. Follow these simple steps to help your blocked-up baby get a nice long sleep (so you can too).

1. Run a bath

A lovely warm bath can do wonders for a sniffly nose. The warmth, moisture and vapours that fill the room can calm and soften the mucus in the nostrils. And if you pop in some Snufflebabe Vapour Bath Bubbles as well, you’ll be calling on the powers of its carefully selected natural ingredients. Eucalyptus for its soothing and cooling scent, camphor for its menthol fragrance and thymol and menthol for their pleasant smells and decongestant abilities.

2. Give a nasal massage

This is a great way to loosen any clogs in your baby’s airways. Carefully rub around the top of the nose and it’ll help dislodge and move any unwanted blockages. You can even massage just under their eyebrows to soothe their sinuses. Keep it light though – your baby will let you know if they’re not enjoying it.

3. Use a nasal spray

A great way to clear the nose is by using a Snufflebabe Nasal Spray or some Snufflebabe Nasal Drops. The gentle saline solution works to soften and clean blocked passageways without causing any irritation or harm. It’s best to use the drops on newborns and the spray once they’re a little bit older. Both require 1 to 2 pumps or drops into the nostril, being careful not to scrape the inside of the nose or go too deep, and they’ll get to work immediately. Before using the saline, try laying your baby on their back with their head to the side, or even with their heads tilted slightly back using a pillow. It’ll work wonders.

4. Use some vapour oil

Just before bedtime,  try using some Snufflebabe Vapour Oil. Its natural, soothing scent can be used all year long. Use it as part of your bedtime routine to help create a calm and relaxing atmosphere for your baby. The essential oils release soothing vapours to help your baby breathe clearly & sleep soundly… Just pop a bit into a bowl of warm water or to a damp cloth over a radiator and let it get to work. And make sure you keep it out of reach of little hands.

5. Keep your baby’s head elevated

Try putting a folded towel underneath your baby’s mattress at the top. This will help keep their head slightly upright during the night, and will help the blockages slide out of their nose and mouth while they’re asleep. Make sure they go to sleep on their back, and an inch or two of elevation is all you really need. Also, put the towel or pillow underneath the actual mattress, as you shouldn’t put things in with your baby as they sleep. It’s best to check on them regularly as well, as they might turn themselves around in their cot.

Follow these tips and your baby will be one step closer to sleeping soundly and congestion-free.

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